BMW swirl flap blanking plate 33mm

BMW swirl flap blanking plate 33mm

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BMW plastic swirl flap blanking plate for fixing BMW's swirl flap issue.
This is the bigger 33mm size.

These fit:

- Some BMW 6 cylinders for year 2004 (330d, 525d, 530d, 730d). These must be EURO4 emissions and have Diesel Particle Filter fitted.
- All BMW 6 cylinder diesels years 2005 - 2009 (325d, 330d, 525d, 530d, 535d, 635d, 730d, X3 3.0d, X5, X6)
If you are not sure about fitment size for your car please send us your car VIN and we will be glad to help.

Blanking plates are made from special plastic (same as intake manifold is made from). Plates are strong, light and resistant to high temperature. They come with Viton O-rings.