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BMW e36 M3 S50B30 group N oil restrictor

BMW E36 M3 3.0 (euro versions ONLY!) group N oil restrictor. This is a must for every E36 M3 3.0 to avoid oil pressure problems. It is fitted in engine head to manage oil flow and to prevent engine fr..

BMW E46 323i/328i M54 manifold conversion adapter plate from 330i for M52 TU throttle body

Throttle adapter plate for M54 manifold conversion (from M54B30). Suitable for following BMW:E46 - 323i ; 328i ;E39 - 523i 528iZ3 - Z3 2.5 2.8 M52TU double vanosThis adapter plate is manufactured for ..

BMW low temp oil thermostat bypass 135i 235i 335i 435i and other (N54 N55 engine)

BMW N54, N55 and S55 engine oil cooler thermostat bypass valve. These BMW turbo engines have a known issue of very high running temperature with very high oil temperature. Changing original oil thermo..

BMW M3 oil thermostat bypass valve S50 and S54 engines

BMW E36 M3 and E46 M3 oil cooler thermostat bypass valve.E36 and E46 M3 as well as Z3M/Z4M have oil cooler thermostat. It closes oil flow to the cooler until the engine is warm.  After the engi..

BMW M50 manifold OBD1 adapter plate for M52 S52 throttle body

Adapter plate for M52/S52 OBD2 to M50 OBD1 manifold conversion.With this adapter plate you will get a good seal between M50 manifold and M52 throttle body as both manifold and TB have rubber se..

BMW M50B25 intake manifold adapter for M54B30 330i throttle body

Throttle adapter plate to fit M54B30 throttle body to M50 and M52 (single or double VANOS) intake manifold...

BMW M54B25 manifold conversion adapter plate for M52TU throttle

Throttle adapter plate for M54 manifold conversion (from M54B25). Suitable for:E46 - 323i, 328i;E39 - 523i, 528iZ3 - 2.5 2.8 M52TU double vanosThis adapter plate is manufactured for M54 manifold conve..
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BMW oil cooler adapter AN10 for M3 135i 335i

BMW oil cooler adapter for fitting aftermarket oil cooler. From stock oil cooler connection to AN10 connection. Connectors are hardened aluminum, base plate is stainless steel. Comes with proper O-r..

BMW rear top mount reinforcement plates E30 E36 Z3 and other models

Rear strut top reinforcement plates. Fits following BMW: 3-series E30  - all models (years 1983 - 1992) 3-series E36  - all models (years 1991 - 1999)  3-series E46  - al..
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