EGR and cooler kit M57N • BMW 330d 530d & other |2003 to 2005|

EGR and cooler kit M57N • BMW 330d 530d & other |2003 to 2005|

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Full BMW EGR system removal kit to remove EGR valve, EGR cooler and pipe from exhaust manifold to EGR valve. No more broken EGR cooler pipes and no more bad EGR thermostats - you can remove everything. And this kit does not require any hose cutting for cooler removal.
Fits following models:

  • BMW 330d - 150kw - years 2003 - 2005 (with EGR cooler)
  • BMW 530d - 160kw - years 2003 - 2008 (no DPF, with EGR cooler)
  • BMW X3 3.0d - 150kw (no DPF, with EGR cooler)
If you are not sure if this EGR removal kit fits your car please contact us and we will be glad to help.

Kit contains - EGR bypass, exhaust manifold blank, two blanks for water hoses and fitting hardware.
EGR bypass is made from high grade aluminum with dimensions exactly as stock EGR valve which means very easy fitting. Base plate made from 12mm aluminum for increased strength. New original BMW gasket for proper sealing with manifold is provided and new bolts also supplied.
Conical shape and thick exhaust manifold blank - for proper exhaust gas blocking.
Water stop blanks - one piece silicone and one piece alu blank quick connector type.

Once fitted this bypass will improve air flow to the engine and give more power, more torque, reduce turbo lag and make the engine much sharper. 
This lets only fresh air to get into intake manifold. And it will prevent carbon build up in intake manifold, improve air flow and reduce the amount of black smoke under full throttle.